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Goat Grills will be at The Arnold Sports Festival – Greater Columbus Convention Center and Ohio Expo Center FEB 29 – MAR 3, 2024

Inspired by Fire

Goat Grills are coated with a high temperature and heat resistant coating formulated specifically to protect metal surfaces operating at temperatures from 500°F (260°C) to 1500°F (812°C).

Our Extreme temperature coating provides outstanding  weathering and thermal shock-resistance throughout this entire temperature range, and is guaranteed not to burn off! It is UV stable, will not chalk or fade, and resists rust. Your new Goat Grill should be handled with care, as the resins will not reach full hardness until the following break-in procedure has been completed.

To break in your new Goat Grill start a fire using dry wood or charcoal and stabilize the temperature at approximately 250-300° F for 20-30 minutes, then shut down the air intake and exhaust allowing the grill to completely cool to room temperature. Repeat this process a second time, then a third time, allowing the temperature to reach 350-400 until the coating ceases to smoke, then let the surface come back to room temperature.

NOTE: Coating can emit potentially harmful vapors during the first few heat/cool cycles. Allow for full and proper ventilation during initial heat curing. Avoid excessive heat during this initial “break-in” period, as the resins need to be tempered into the substrate to provide proper adhesion.

Our Heirloom Quality grills are constructed using:

3/16 inch steel body

1 inch insulated firebox and front door

3/16 steel inch lid

The versatile design of a Goat Grill operates as a slow cooking smoker, an oven and a grill, searing steaks and burgers to perfection while using less than half the fuel of an offset smoker.  Designed to burn wood or charcoal.

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